Use a Bird’s Eye View for Quick and Accurate Results

Edgybees insurance solutions provide insurers with data-rich visualization of properties, their surroundings, and related catastrophe impacts. Augmenting property-specific video and images with third party and proprietary data, the platform empowers insurers to accelerate underwriting and claim processing, lower operational costs, and increase accuracy and confidence.

Commercial Property Underwriting

Edgybees Apex increases the velocity and quality of underwriting, allowing insurers to rapidly determine property value, identify environmental and structural risks, and detect changes. The platform enables underwriters to instantly layer relevant data on top of video and images, make accurate remote measurements, and quickly analyze risk with new levels of granularity.

Claims Adjusting and Loss Assessment

Edgybees Clarity accelerates property claim adjustment by fusing critical policy detail, property data, and adjuster annotations into petabytes of time-stamped property video and imagery. With unprecedented visibility, insurers can validate property damages and estimate losses with record accuracy and speed.

Innovative Visualization and Data
Drive Efficiency and Scale

Time-based Perspectives

Capture time-stamped imagery to identify property changes, detect damage, and visualize TIV and loss estimates.

Geo-fused Data Layers

Layer policy and 3rd party data on top of video and images to identify nonintuitive loss and value relationships.

Imagery & Video Catalogue

Leverage our rich catalogue of imagery and video to gain unique insight with multiple views of the same property.


Empower underwriters, adjusters, and property owners to securely collaborate in real time and instantaneously share observations and insights.