Aerial video you can count on.

Live aerial video streams provide critical intelligence and guidance for military pilots, ground units, and command and control centers. However, video feeds with inaccurate or delayed geographical positioning information can result in operational breakdowns, risk mission success, and put lives in danger.

Without With Edgybees

Enhanced Situational Awareness.
In Real Time.

With real-time, high-precision geo-registration of aerial video, our AI-powered solution removes any ambiguity that stands in the way of rapid decision making. By visually augmenting roads, key landmarks, and other mission-critical data on top of live video feeds, Edgybees brings immediate clarity to complex operations.

Trusted by the best.

Since Edgybees was founded in 2017, we have been awarded multiple DOD contracts, while also providing solutions to public safety agencies and commercial organizations across a variety of industries. We partner with leading defense contractors and system integrators, who value our open system architecture and the power of our unique technology, to rapidly address various mission-critical use cases such as:.

Integrated into your operational environment.

Edgybees software-only solution is an open platform that provides the ultimate deployment flexibility. In addition to the option of using our built-in video augmentation, it can also add accuracy-enhanced metadata to third-party systems and applications, for seamless integration into your existing environment.