Saving lives through innovation.

We are a people- and mission-driven organization that aims to save lives through the use of technology—bringing clarity, precision, and speed to mission-critical operations in public safety, defense, critical infrastructure, and commercial sectors.

The power of diversity.

Our diverse team consists of the best minds in Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence, and real-time video processing, as well as UX, UI, and integration specialists. Diversity extends beyond our skillset—we are committed to ensuring inclusion and equity for all our employees, partners, and customers.

Trusted by the best.

Our solutions have been put to test by the world’s most advanced rescue and special operations teams. Among others, we have aided first responders during Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Florence, and wildfires in Australia and California. Our platform is also used by multiple DOD departments, including the USAF and Navy.

Backed by innovation leaders